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Our skin is the only organ of our body in direct contact with our surroundings; it touches them, caresses them, discovers them, deciphers them, and feels them. There is no point in having beautiful, cared-for skin if we don't take care of the world around us. That's why ISDIN has been promoting actions focused on the health of our skin and our planet for over 45 years. This journey into the future is never-ending. Would you like to come with us?



America Medic & Science AMS is an American nutraceutical company established in 2007 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. We manufacture and distribute high-quality, organic natural products and dietary supplements for all individuals and age groups. The leadership of our management team, which has a combined 3 decades of experience in pharmaceuticals, has led us to become known pioneers in the industry. Also, our dedication to producing high-quality products and providing cutting-edge innovation has allowed us to rapidly expand our scope of business across all major continents and partner with the top global figures in the industry to deliver our innovative products to consumers.



PHL® (Powerful Healthy Living), is a leading manufacturer in the Sports Supplements & General Nutrition Category, serving fitness & healthy living with Premium Golden Standard products, yet at very accessible prices. Where PHL® is committed to society, with our wide range of products that meet the needs of every individual.

PHL® is not the product of choice for weight lifters & Bodybuilders, Cross fitters, and MMA Fighters only, but it is the product of choice for EVERYBODY that is looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Our dedication to delivering our mission is forged by our certified & state of art manufacturing & warehousing facilities, and authentication processes.

Our ultimate GOAL is excellence in Improving the Quality of peoples’ lives, through drawing the Road Map to Powerful Healthy Living and embracing CR3 (Diet Consultation, Workout Plans, Supplements Advice).

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ISDINCEUTICS is a high-quality skincare line that boosts your skin’s natural beauty thanks to its innovative routines designed to prevent, repair, and correct photoaging.

Its powerful cosmeceuticals, supported by years of research and innovation, provide the perfect mix of dermatology and aesthetics, or science and beauty.



We look after your skin using science

We have created Sensitive Skin Lab, the pharmaceutical laboratory where we design rituals for sensitive skin types by using our expertise in dermo-aesthetics.

Respectful formulas

We carefully choose all of our ingredients which helps us create formulas that respect sensitive skin complete with the sensory experience of high cosmetics.


Ferulic acid     Hyaluronic acid       Polyphenols      Bamboo oil

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