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Launched in the United Arab Emirates,

From Dubai, Our Journey has Started for our Spanish Association.

Since 2014, our AMBITION was created in the heart of UAE, Dubai. The actual concept of entrepreneurship where, Business development often means identifying new opportunities, acquiring complementary business segments, or expanding to new countries. Whatever the strategic choices are, their implementation requires strong expertise and vital methodologies for respecting the right business model of the brands and accelerating their development.

International companies, Local companies, and Investors, We act as a conglomerate representing our main partners and investors, by providing them with new opportunities for new business or the development of new markets.

The operational implementation of these choices and expected goals represent the systematic mission of IGC Group Middle East Group. And we manage directly the implementation of the Business Plan & Distribution across all regions in the Middle East with more than 250 Medical & Sales Representatives.

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“The Best Skin Care Brand in GCC.”

Mohammed Ali

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